Get Many Applications Droid and More for free. Download files for the apk and enjoy the applications android.

Overview: You can use this patcher to break some apps’ Android Market License Verification.
Requirements: Android Rooted devices

Lucky Patcher Recent changes:
Changes from 0.6:

  1. Updated a rather important signature, now it will trigger more often.

  2. Recalculation percent luck, painfully, he did not properly considered)) horseradish mathematician I)))

  3. Warning added that if the “program-goal” is not working properly, it must be reinstalled to restore functionality. (because sometimes the right patch that should not and the program can fail)

Lucky Patcher ChelpuS

fd7614269fn4uba.png Lucky Patcher 0.8 CyberAndroid

 Lucky Patcher 0.8 CyberAndroid

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