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Easy Gallery for you and your kids to select the movie they want to see

This is a movie gallery, that reads the Movies directory sdcard and emmc ( /sdcard/movies/ and /emmc/movies/ )

and displays all files individually in an horizontal list.

if exists, will show a picture with the same file name. image extensions (jpg and png)

scroll visually through your video files and launch the video in your default player.

easy for your small kids to select the movie that they want


on the root of your SDCARD, create a directory named “Movies”, inside place your video and image files, the name of the file should be the same, except extension.


put on the root of your sdcard:

/Movies/Toy Story (2010).mp4

/Movies/Toy Story (2010).png
f562c992c7ndroid.jpg Kids Video Player v1.3

pixel Kids Video Player v1.3