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KartRider is produced by the Korean popular Nexon’s casual racing online games, games with multiple track maps to choose from, with a map to support four players with the game. Games, including games and watch mode, and also allows players to choose props or a racing model.

The game has a micro-transaction system, players or games you want to track new props and other items, you need to pay a pocket through the system. Game of shadows, trees, obstacles, ramps and so on with the PC version is not much difference.

Operation, also the game’s interface with the PC version is similar, the most surprising is the car’s handling and responsiveness are very sensitive. Most players care about the racing drift drift due to the need for additional press of a button, making the operation a certain degree of difficulty. For novice players, Kart racing game than the other phone more difficult to control and master.

Games are divided into two modes: Sprint races and props.
1 props tournament players attack each other by using the skills to compete for the championship final.
2 players race through the drift racing to increase the nitrogen, and then full speed crossed the finish line.

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