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Overview: The fastest and most stable HTTP and HTTPS proxy available on the Android market. ROOT not required.
Requirements: Android 1.5+ ROOT

*** Not for novice users.

This application uses JADS Web Traffic Manager (WTM) to proxy requests arriving on port 8080 to the Internet using the device’s Internet connection. Both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) are supported.

To access the Internet on a computer through this proxy, a USB cable must be connected and the Android SDK must be installed and configured.

This app differs from JADS Internet Sharer in that it has a much more recent version of the WTM core, supports HTTPS but does not include SOCKS support. If a SOCKS proxy is required please use JADS Internet Sharer.

Runs as a service. Load App to enable / disable.

Includes counters for bytes sent and received through proxy.

c37782d70efptarc.jpg JADS HTTP & HTTPS Proxy 1.3 CyberAndroid

 JADS HTTP & HTTPS Proxy 1.3 CyberAndroid

Download JADS HTTP & HTTPS Proxy v1.3 CyberAndroid


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