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Overview: Answers from 7,500 U.S. licensed physicians. No waiting room.
Requirements: Android 2.2+

HealthTap Express is for both patients and physicians. It’s for the people who have health questions and the doctors who know how to answer them. Ask health questions and get quick answers from over 7,500 leading U.S.-licensed physicians – anytime, anywhere, for free!

With HealthTap Express, you’ll quickly find answers to your health questions, connect with top doctors (including those in your area), and keep up-to-date with the most trusted health information. When you find doctors you like, you can call them directly and make appointments for your own in-person care.

✓ Find Trusted Answers
Ask any health question and quickly find answers from thousands of trusted, U.S.-licensed physicians.
✓ Anytime, Anywhere
Use HealthTap at home or on the go – available online and on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
✓ Quickly
Get health information right away that’s simple, easy to understand, and to the point.
✓ From Local Physicians
Discover local physicians that are the right fit for you.
✓ That’s Reliable
Find health answers that even other physicians trust by seeing which have received ‘Agrees’ from other doctors.
✓ And Personal
Make the most of your doctors’ visits by reading their answers and tips before you go, and bringing a personalized prep sheet.
✓ For Free
Save your money – HealthTap is FREE to all!

✓ Find New Patients
Connect with new patients using your expertise, and translate online conversations into real-world appointments.
✓ Expand Your Reputation
Effortlessly build a Virtual Practice and your social media presence, by simply doing what you do best — answering patient questions.
✓ Receive Recognition
Get real-time ‘Thanks’ from patients and ‘Agrees’ from colleagues, and build a world-class reputation that’s visible to everyone anytime, anywhere.
✓ Save Time
Reduce repetitive work by creating a dynamic, accessible resource with your answers to the most frequently asked questions you receive, and the tips you provide most often.
✓ Do Good
Improve the quality of care for your patients by making your wisdom accessible beyond doctor visits, and do good in the world by making your knowledge available to all.
✓ Continue Lifelong Learning
Learn from other doctors’ answers to patient questions, and from the collective knowledge of the medical community.
✓ For Free

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 HealthTap Express MD CyberAndroid

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