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Overview: Handcent SMS fully unleashes the messaging power for android phones, fully customizable and more features than the stock android messaging app.

Requirements: Android 1.5 +

  • Support All types for andorid phone,from android 1.5 to newest 2.3

  • Full SMS/MMS support

  • Support 20+ languges

  • Group sending options,batch send

  • SMS Popup with quick text

  • Customize look with theme supports, include iphone look ,hero look, and support for downloading more skins and themes

  • Individual contact notification,custom look (background,buble style) for different friends

  • Security lock options, password protect handcent and your stock messaing application

  • Backup/restore SMS /MMS, Handcent settings online and restore with one click

  • My Handcent online services

  • Built in spell checker

  • Hundreds of handcent online themes, download them free and adding new themes everyday

  • 20+ languages supported and will add more language support

  • Better Mms support (better picture resize feature,help you download high resolution picture for UK carriers,settings Maximum Mms size)

  • Handcent Mms Plus service, helps you send high resolution pictures and videos to your friends

  • Additional smileys package add-on, you can download more smileys for handcent from android market

  • Support local messaging protocol for different countries

  • Split 160 feature support auto split message for CDMA network (for example: Verizon)

  • Support for additional font packs, also can display sms message with many beautiful & stylish fonts

  • Many plugins (Location,smileys,fontpack…)

  • Built in Blacklist with the ability to make incoming mms/sms private per individual sender and help you block spam message.

  • Supports manage drafts and undelivery messages

  • Added vCard capacity for your android phone ,you can send/receive/import vCards from handcent

  • Added Emoji capacity for your android phone,you can send cool/funny emoji icons to iphone and the android phones that installed handcent & handcent emoji plugin

  • Handcent greetings include many holidays animated greetings ,you can choose the beatiful greeting and send to your friends.

  • Handcent privacy box can help you hide & password protect threads/conversation, private conversations won’t be read(or be made visible) by other messaging apps(stock, 3rd party, etc.)

  • Support Schedule SMS & MMS messages,you can setup schedule task by daily ,monthly ,weekly …,powerful

What’s in this version: Handcent SMS 3.9.10 (Android)

  • Improve Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0) support,fix most of known issues

  • Fix one force close issue

  • Remove indictor icons at bottom of main window

dd30b860c4ud6lgs.jpg Handcent SMS 3.9.10 CyberAndroid

 Handcent SMS 3.9.10 CyberAndroid

Download Handcent SMS v3.9.10 CyberAndroid


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