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 GeoTag and Localize the photo v0.9.4
You can localize photo on the map, change the GeoTag information by clicking in a point on the map without the use of GPS.
NEW: take a photo and upload it directly to your facebook photo album!
All images will be compatible with Picasa, Panoramio, Flickr and much more. You can copy pictures from your digital camera to your SDCard and insert GeoTag information!
Load a photo!
Click on the map!
If contains geotag, you’ll see the exact location on the map!
If not, you can search for a location and save the geotag information!
Click on Explore and all photos will be localized in the map! Click on a photo to edit geotag information!
Search for similar photos on Panoramio!
Upload your photos directly on facebook with one simple click!

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pixel GeoTag and Localize the photo v0.9.4