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If you think that the game of Darts is just a matter of throwing a few pointed arrows on a dart board, well you have mistaken. It’s a serious game and fun to play.

Darts game is very popular world over and now it’s a rage on iPhone and iPad too..!


✓ Play with your iPhone/iPod’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is programmed to give you a challenging experience.
✓ Play 301 Dart or Dart 501
✓ Play Double-In and Double-Out in 3D
✓ Amazing Physics in action when you throw a Dart
✓ “Target Selector” option to fix your target range and Force
✓ Simple and easy to play, but tough to master
✓ Excellent 3D Graphics and Realistic Feel
✓ Soothing Background Music and Casino Interactions
✓ Game Help page to make you understand the rules
✓ Resume game from wherever it was interrupted
✓ Random Game Character with every game play

Darts 3D for your iPhone/iPod is an ultimate challenge to take on the world. This game is packed with amazing gameplay that will give you an amazing 3D experience. The game extremely addictive and the simple swipe mechanism designed to throw the Darts makes this a must have game on your device.

Play Darts 3D is now on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

What’s New in Version 1.1

Thank you for your download and Feedback.
This version comes with:

  1. Choose a game character

  2. Bugs Fixes

  3. Optimized Performance

ddc8662869qljwsx.jpg Darts 3D 1.1 STORM

 Darts 3D 1.1 STORM

Download Darts 3D v1.1 STORM


pixel Darts 3D 1.1 STORM