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ArcFrame helps you combine multiple photos into beautiful arc shaped framed photo. Instead of plain rectangular framed photo, you can build beautiful arc shaped framed photo. The arc shape adjustment is so flexible that you can build your own beautiful frame layout very easily. By combining arc shaped frame layout with rounded corner, margin width, background color, background pattern and custom background, you can create very beautiful and unique result.

Main Features

  • 36 beautiful and flexible arc shaped frame layouts

  • Combine up to 4 photos

  • Flexible arc shape adjustment with control points

  • Flexible width:height ratio adjustment

  • Margin width

  • Rounded corner

  • Background color

  • 30 beautiful background patterns

  • Custom background with your own photo

  • Background transparency

  • Choose existing photo or take new one

  • Greyscale, rotate and flip each photo

  • Zoom, scroll and pan each photo

  • Delete or distribute each photo to all cells

  • Optimal zoom in/out by double tapping

  • Lock frame

  • Clear all photos and reset control position

  • Save to album – up to 2000×2000

  • Upload to SNS – facebook, twitter and tumblr

  • Send to Instagram

  • Send email

  • Support for iPhone and iPad

  • Support for landscape and portrait view

Create the most unique and beautiful framed photo with ArcFrame!

abd1106807573270.jpg ArcFrame 2.0 STORM

 ArcFrame 2.0 STORM

Download ArcFrame 2.0 STORM
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later


pixel ArcFrame 2.0 STORM