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 Trollaroid v0.93
The process is simple: take a picture with your phone’s camera or select an image from your gallery and in a matter of seconds Trollaroid will automatically detect and warp the faces. It even works on photos with several faces. Trolling has never been so straightforward!
- A satisfying grin (and more faces to come)
- Warp multiple faces at a time
- No need to adjust the face detection
Tips for using Trollaroid:
- You will need an Internet connection for this to work
- Faces seen straight on become the best troll faces
- You can troll several faces at a time, but the more you troll the slower the stroll
- Get the free version if you want to just try Trollaroid! (saving and sharing images is disabled)
- Your choice of faces (fat face, me gusta, forever alone, and other meme-worthy rage faces)
- Facebook integration for easy sharing of your Trollaroided pictures
- Resolution adjustment
- Offline mode

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pixel Trollaroid v0.93