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Overview: Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its Translation. Provides verse by verse audio playback, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, search, excellent navigational controls, several translations and reciters and much more.

Requirements: Android OS 1.6 +

With iQuran Pro you enjoy:
* Full landscape support
* Unlimited bookmarks
* Several translations
* A powerful full-text search engine
* Several downloadable recitations for verse by verse recital

iQuran Pro provides the following translations:
* English & Transliteration
* German
* French
* Indonesian
* Melayu
* Spanish
* Turkish
* Russian
* Bosnian
* Dutch
* Italian
* Albanian
* Romanian
* Japanese

Included reciters are:
* Sheikh Husary
* Mishary Al-Afasy
* Saood & Shuraim
* Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree
* Abdul Basit
* Ghamdi

What’s in this version: iQuran Pro 2.1.7
Support for Galaxy Note and other high density screens
Gap-less (continuous) recitation now supported for most reciters
Tap and hold a verse to view new options
Show your added bookmark Notes under verses instead of a translation
New and improved ‘grouped verses’ recitation options to help with memorization
Floating ayah markers
Improved audio controls and new controls added to landscape mode
New surah navigation controls added to landscape mode

0bc2399169xyldc.jpg iQuran Pro 2.1.7 CyberAndroid

 iQuran Pro 2.1.7 CyberAndroid

Download iQuran Pro v2.1.7 CyberAndroid


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