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Overview: Enter the fun and exciting Steampunk universe of GASLIGHT!
PixoFactor and Tapjoy are excited to welcome you to the new and exciting Steampunk universe of GASLIGHT!

Requirements: Android 2.2

Clans are in constant war over the natural resources in the world of Eastland. Much of Eastland’s technology is run on Æther crystals, found in great concentrations in underground caves, cliff faces and underwater. It is used to power advanced weapons and war machines which the major clans of Eastland can bring to bear against one another in a constant struggle for control. Gaslight

Players must build their chosen faction’s empire, invade other areas to gather resources, and send units to explore the world for additional resources in a constant tug-of-war over who will ultimately reign supreme. Gaslight

Let us know what you think and please take the time to rate our game favorably. We’re watching and listening. The team is working hard to keep the game fresh and new, so be on the lookout for free updates and upgrades in the coming weeks!

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 Gaslight 1.01 CyberAndroid

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