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Overview: Best T9 Smart dialer with contacts manager
Requirements: Android 2.1+

May be the best smart dialer in android market. ExDialer is a MiUI style smart dialer. If you like it, visit to experience excellent MiUI rom. Also you could donate to support my work.
When exDialer installed, two icons will be found in launch panel, exDialer and exContacts. exDialer is the entry of dialer interface with calllog view initiated. exContacts give you a view to browse /filter/manage all known contacts.


  • Extra light weight, and smooth

  • Contact groups/favorites manager

  • T9 contact/calllog filter, which support Latin/Chinese/Russian/Hangul/Greek

  • Contacts list quick filter, support words/phonetic/hybrid

  • Contacts first alphabet quick scroll

  • Calllogs group by contact

Excellent MiUI rom
thinkpanda team
Piotrek Paszek — Polish translation
dancer_69 — Greek translation
Kayusumi — Chinese Traditional translation
Filipe Garcia — Portuguese translation
hopler — Spanish translation
Илья Яковлев & Илья и Ася — Russian translation
TweetyPeety — German translation
scrpn30 — French translation
Neo3000x — Danish translation
crking — Czech translation

What’s new
v52 2011/12/22
UI language switch added
Additional search fields supported, nickname, postal address and organization
Text size adjustment supported, normal, large and extra large
Option to turn on or off call logs view when call ended
Contact sharing separated to plain text and vCard
Context menu adjusted

Themes included:
exDialer Dark Theme
exDialer ICS Theme

NOTE: Donate version is the same as this version except some texts in about page

d573822dc5jya0B.jpg ex Dialer 52 +2 Themes (Android)

 ex Dialer 52 +2 Themes (Android)

Download ex Dialer 52 +2 Themes (Android)


pixel ex Dialer 52 +2 Themes (Android)