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The hit webcomic Cyanide & Happiness ( is now here for Android! Yay!Cyanide & Happiness (As seen on the internet!) has finally made it’s way to Android! Comics, shorts, really exciting news, it’s all right at your fingertips! Plus some other things!

Features include:

* Comic Archive: Get access to all ~1,800 C&H comics in an easy-navigable archive. Get new comics the second they’re available, or somehow bend the rules of space and time and get them even earlier!

* Shake for random!

* Portrait/Landscape viewing.

* Favorites: Save your favorite comics for quick (and offline!) viewing later. Impress your friends! Impress your enemies! Impress otherwise apathetic people! It’s really versatile!

* Animated Shorts: Watch streaming C&H animated shorts from the comfort of anywhere.

* News: Read all about upcoming events, books, announcements, the works!

* Seizure Mode: Shake!
 Cyanide & Happiness v1.0.4

pixel Cyanide & Happiness v1.0.4