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Overview: Never write the same thing twice, ever !
Clip Ninja is a unique application that will save everything you write, anywhere !

Requirements: Android 2.1+

It keeps a detailed history of everything you write, in ANY application, not just what you copy in the clipboard. Think of it as a Clipboard Manager on steroids. You’ll be amazed !
Wish you copy pasted that text before hitting the Send button ?
Do you want to look at your clipboard history ?
You mistakenly deleted that web address it took so long to write ?
Are you looking for something you wrote yesterday and forgot to save anywhere ?
No problem !

«Clip Ninja eliminates the need to type anything twice ever again. If you ask me, that’s just convenient.»


  • saves everything you type, in any native application, not just what you copy in the clipboard.

  • acts also as a full ClipBoard Manager.

  • allows you to go back in your typing history. Think of it as a basic undo/redo feature. Messed up anything ? Just go back, copy an old version, then paste it back.

  • to easily save your favourite, just click the star icon.

  • can filter your history to show everything, just favourites, just clipboard history or just the text you type in a given application.

  • sits in your status bar, and pop ups as a dialog over your existing app. No need to leave your current app.

  • easily email or share your clips

The user interface is clean and well designed and makes this app a pleasure to use.
If you have any suggestion just drop us a mail, we’ll get back to you soon. If you like it, please rate it.
Some great new features to come soon.


  • Works on any phone. Does NOT require root capability.

  • It is NOT a keyboard. You can use your favourite keyboard with it.

  • Works with any native application (99,9% of the apps) and even in the browser. (currently Firefox does not but probably will the future)

  • Due to the limitation of Android, Clip Ninja cannot save or retrieve passwords, don’t ask for that: it just cannot be done.

  • As we won’t send anything over the internet, ever, this app DOES NOT require the Internet permission.

What’s in this version:

  • 1.01 – Layout bug fixes

d1b8730ff9mbpzy4.jpg Clip Ninja 1.01 CyberAndroid

 Clip Ninja 1.01 CyberAndroid

Download Clip Ninja v1.01 CyberAndroid


Tags: copy paste, clipboard manager, personal assistant, productivity, clip, save, text, history, clipboard viewer
Shares some of the features of: aNdClip, Clipper, ClipBoard+, ClipNote and others.

pixel Clip Ninja 1.01 CyberAndroid