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Overview: Meet Minimal Reader Pro, the only customizable News *WIDGET* with a handy *Pop-Up* function ! Offline or online, never miss your favourite news with this simple and elegant user interface !

Requirements: Android 1.6+

To start using Minimal Reader Pro, you need to add it on your homescreen as a widget : long press on your home screen and select “Widgets”.
** News reading has never been easier, even with large amount of sources :
_ 5 Widgets available : 4×1, 4×2, 4×3, 4×4 (works with all launchers) and a Scrollable/Resizable one (works with compatible launchers only)
_ Display the latest news titles from your favourite websites/blogs right on your desktop and easily scroll through them.
_ Import your Google Reader Subscriptions, Labels or add your own RSS/Atom feeds.
_ Please use Google Reader labels (folders) to regroup your feeds, importing and refreshing will be MUCH FASTER than importing each feed individually !
_ When you add a feed to a label (folder) in google reader, it will be automaticly synced with the widget, no need to re-import.
_ Click on a news title to open the full story in a customizable Pop-up window, works in offline mode too !
_ Swipe left or right on a pop-up to read the next or previous news article.
_ While reading an article you can share it, set it as favourite or read it in the browser.
_ Customize the widget and the pop-up to match your home screen.
_ Many settings available : Filter the News by age, auto scroll, auto refresh …
_ You can add as many feeds as you want on the same widget or separate them in several widgets.

Minimal Reader Pro Note : If you are having issues with your feeds disapearing, clear app data, uninstall, and delete any external backup of the like Titanium does. Then Re-install the app.
The user credentials permission are for logging in to google reader with the google account registered on your phone, it’s much more secure than a manual login.

21b100a23bmizedf.jpg Minimal Reader Pro 2.1.2 CyberAndroid

 Minimal Reader Pro 2.1.2 CyberAndroid

Download Minimal Reader Pro v2.1.2 CyberAndroid


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