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Enthralling and steeped in history
Through a total of 11 levels, William Tell fights his way through Switzerland, defeating bears, wolves and the Habsburgs on the way before finally ambushing his archenemy, the reeve Hermann Gessler, on the Hohlen Gasse road. Both the most famous shot in Swiss history, when Tell fired a crossbow bolt through an apple on his son Walter’s head, and his leap to safety onto a rock ledge of the Axen cliffs play a prominent role in the game. The numerous graphics portray the story of this legendary figure in a true-to-life and entertaining manner, giving this action-packed and entertaining jump-and-run game, with its lovingly designed comic figures, an additional dimension.

Legend of Tell Lots of fun for everyone
As an extra feature, players can explore three special bonus levels which they can clear by completing different tasks. “Legend of Tell” is fun to play for all ages and player levels. With an expert time mode and hidden apples providing the key to unlocking the bonus levels, even practised players will find the game a fun and challenging experience.

f3bdb9b3c43nfvb.jpg Legend of Tell 1.0 STORM

 Legend of Tell 1.0 STORM

Download Legend of Tell v1.0 STORM
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Sorry, this game is currently only available in german, but to play it you dont need any german language skills.


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