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 Exfoliate for Facebook Scrub your FB!

 Exfoliate for Facebook Scrub your FB!

There are chances that you might be posting some information that might jeopardize a potential job interview or college admission. And, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network retains every tiny bit of personal information we feed to it – without fail. So, how do you take care of all the inappropriate and sensitive posts, photos, videos and other stuff that are on your Facebook profile?

Cast aside your worries. As the cliche goes, there is a ‘app for everything and anything’. And, this is when we introduce Exfoliate to you. In a nutshell, “Exfoliate automates the removal of old, forgotten content from Facebook.”

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The app might not be anything fancy. It has a very simple interface that allows you to select how far back you want to go to remove all the various posts that you did and once setup, it goes out to do just that. The wonderful thing about Exfoliate is that it not only removes the stuff you have done on your profile, but also applies to all your activities in your friend’s profiles as well!

So, it can virtually wipe out everything and anything associated with your name in Facebook that could be as new as one month old or as old as one year ago. The app is available in the Market as a paid app. Once you download the app, you are just three steps away from ‘purging your profile’.

Step 1: Set your preference of the time period to which you want to delete

Step 2: Log in to Facebook using the app

Step 3: Start the automatic cleaning process.

Easy, huh?

Download Exfoliate for Facebook at the Android Market:

 Exfoliate for Facebook Scrub your FB!

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