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Claystone Launcher 1.0 Update 15 CyberAndroid

Overview: Intuitive home screen replacement and launcher with integrated viewers & 3D UI.
Requirements: Android 2.1 and higher

Claystone is designed to go far beyond what you typical phone experience offers. The basis of this enhanced experience are the Claystone Stacks.

Within these Stacks, you can quickly queue up and browse through a wealth of content, including: websites, videos, photos, RSS feeds, YouTube, and more.

*** New Claystone Theme ***

Blueberry is a theme designed for the Claystone Launcher that introduces a lighter, more colorful appearance through the inclusion of new background images, button styles, and more.

*** Additional Themes Coming Very Soon ***

Additional themes will be available on a regular schedule as we continue to expand, enhance, and customize your Claystone Launcher home screen experience.

We Welcome Your Feedback

- We welcome your comments, feedback, suggestions and requests for additional Claystone themes.

Share Claystone Easily

- Spread the word and let people know you use Claystone
- We have made it even easier to share Claystone with the latest update
- Use the convenient Share Claystone button on the Options Menu to share Claystone with your friends.
- You can also conveniently rate Claystone and send the Claystone Team a feedback email from Claystone preferences.

Innovative Navigation

Navigating these stacks is just as easy as other smart phone interfaces. We’ve added a touch of 3D as a visual cue to help you easily navigate the stacks.

Claystone’s refined navigation system allows you to organize and manage applications, media, and documents more efficiently than ever.

Customization and Consistency

Claystone let’s you customize your widgets and Launchbar, add shortcuts, create folders, organize your apps and documents, create website shortcuts all within Claystone’s consistent unified interface.

Enhanced App Management

Claystone integrates all your favorite apps, and lets you browse through them while viewing videos, websites, photos, and other media for a more consistent experience.

Apps are organized in an intelligent manner, ensuring you don’t have to look very far to access them at any time.

Dynamic Content Handling

With Claystone, your favorite websites, photos, and videos are all presented amongst one another, standing side-by-side as you browse through them.

This erases the dependence on starting a separate app for each content type, permitting you to enjoy them all – quickly and efficiently – with incredible convenience.

Minimum Requirements

- Android smart phone or tablet
- Android 2.1 and higher
- OpenGL 1.1 and higher
- Normal screen size or higher
- Medium screen density (160 mdpi) or higher

What’s in this version:
Minor adjustments to video player layout
Revisions to ACRA integration
Tweaked presentation of YouTube video item list

6ec00ac3bec61oq.jpg Claystone Launcher 1.0 Update 15 CyberAndroid

 Claystone Launcher 1.0 Update 15 CyberAndroid

Download Claystone Launcher v1.0 Update 15 CyberAndroid