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Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley.
Please try the Lite version before you buy the game!
The savegames of both versions are separate of each other. Sorry about that.
There are currently 15 levels in the game.

The paid version has the following advantages:
⇒ no ads
⇒ free build mode
⇒ more levels and materials in future updates

Recent changes:
⇒ Improved rendering performance during simulation. If you still have problems (i.e. the trains run very slow) then you can try the new checkbox in the options menu to reduce image resolutions.
⇒ Added 2 more levels. And yes, there will be more of them. Just don’t panic icon wink X Construction v1.32 *Full & Ad Free*

652547f679885hrh.jpg X Construction v1.32 *Full & Ad Free*
cbff869eb0222glg.jpg X Construction v1.32 *Full & Ad Free*
3b370e175c456457.png X Construction v1.32 *Full & Ad Free*