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Overview: New UC Browser, Complete Browsing Experience for your phone!
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

A new generation of mobile browser: UC8 with U3 kernel!
Based on the strong power offered by U3 kernel, UC8 has greatly improved some performance indices of mobile browsers as speed, intelligence, safety, low energy consumption, and expansibility. It supports Web App in an overall way, denoting an age’s coming that mobile browsers thenceforth compete in kernel capability/cloud service in an overall way.
Fast: UC8 is the fastest in races of 2G, 3G, and WIFI
Smart: UC8 realizes various smart modes of smart reading, smart forum, and smart screen-adapting etc.
Low Energy Consumption: To consume less flow and electric power when getting perfect PC browsing effects

93bcba9aa58zrisi.jpg UC Browser 8.0 Beta 8.0.4 CyberAndroidfc4675a9ee8djmnm.jpg UC Browser 8.0 Beta 8.0.4 CyberAndroid

Download UC Browser 8.0 Beta v8.0.4 Build 11102612 CyberAndroid