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Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince 1.0.0 STORM

“Shall we date?”
-A Dating Simulation Game series by NTT Solmare

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

I came here on a vacation, but…

Now I have to choose a king
from 6 princes!

Surrounded by princes, welcome to heart-throb paradise!

-A haughty prince with no eye for the common folk-
“Who allowed you to come in here?
This is no place for commoners!”

-Wise, but inexperienced? Intelligent and taciturn.-
I’m trying to read a book here.”

-The idol of his brothers. Always acting tough.-
“Want to treat me like a child?
Before you know it,
you will be all mine.”

You can play above 3 tough characters in this game.

Moreover, if you purchase additional story from this application, you can also play 4 further characters (Alvah, Jun, Ivan, Melchiorre).

1.Wide variety of Endings
Because the ending you get is determined by the answers you chose, you can enjoy 2 types of endings.
2.High quality pictures based on each character’s story
You might choose an option which leads to a high quality image!
Try to find them!

3.Added bonus: Opening Movie
Movie inspired by this story is available!
This splendid movie enhances the mood.

4.Mail from characters
You may be able to see a different side of the characters!?

5.It is useful to learn Japanese/English
Language switching function is available.

[Story Introduction]
I received my first bonus as a working adult.
So I’m off on an overseas trip!

As soon as I set foot on a different land, a man stole my luggage.
“You gotta be kidding me!”
I ran after him -
but couldn’t catch up, and when I gave up,
The man dropped something.
I picked it up. It turned out to be a wonderful bracelet, filled with jewels.
“This is worth much more than my luggage!”

I knew no one in this strange country, so I went to the police.

Submitted the damage report.
Oh, and there was the bracelet.

As soon as I showed it to the policeman -
I was immediately taken to the king!

And you’ll never believe,
what the king told me then.

“The one who holds this bracelet will be the king of this country. Are you ready to become king?”

Of course, I respectfully declined. Then he told me:

“Then it shall be your task to choose our next monarch.”

(I have to choose the king now!?)

6 completely different men appeared in front of me.

(Wow… they’re all so shining and handsome)

“These are my sons.
I demand you to hand the bracelet to whomever you deem most worthy.”

Some princes treated me kindly, others were more aggressive. My heart was fluttering like crazy.

134068772f122370.jpg Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince 1.0.0 STORMfe1ded2708122371.jpg Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince 1.0.0 STORM

 Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince 1.0.0 STORM