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 SanDisk Memory Zone is Unforgettable

 SanDisk Memory Zone is Unforgettable

The app, which is free, is a storage management system. It lets users move files easily between cloud storage centers, the device’s memory card and the device’s own internal memory.

Power up the app and you’ll be shown the amount of storage space remaining in your phone’s memory, on the memory card and then on a list of any cloud systems you might be using, such as Dropbox, Google Docs and even Picasa.

To move a picture from the phone’s internal memory, for example, users need to only open the app, browse to that storage center and hold their finger on the image — or images if they want to move more than one. They’ll be asked whether they want to move the picture to the memory card, move it to an online storage system, delete it or make it private by adding a password. Choose an online storage system and you’ll be offered a choice of all the options you have available.

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As a way of shifting files from one platform to another, it’s certainly more convenient than attaching them to an email, completing the email address and remembering to open them and file them on your laptop. With Memory Zone, keeping your different storage folders organized is simple enough to do any time.

SanDisk also comes with an extra feature. You can use it to automatically back up the contents of your device to your memory card or to the cloud. Updates can happen once, every day, every week or every two weeks.

SanDisk’s Memory Zone is a lot like its memory cards: remarkably convenient and surprisingly simple. The benefits of having a folder system that’s easy to navigate and remains organized are invaluable for users. For the company itself, which appears to have no plans to charge for the app, the program puts its name in front of customers and lets them get more out of the storage card in the device. It’s a win for everyone.

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 SanDisk Memory Zone is Unforgettable

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