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Overview: Pro Version of a WM7 clone.
Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher

Pro Version Features:
- Tile priority for re-ordering
- Menu items to toggle settings (Ringer Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth)
- Background support
- Tile opacity
- Wide (2×1) tiles
- Setting to not show animations
- Full size icons
- Standard: 120w x 120h px
- Wide: 246w x 120h px
- Image Cropping
- Gesture Support
- Right-to-Left: Opens app list
- Left-to-Right: Opens notifications
- Animated Tiles
- People
- Hide App in the App List
- Custom Tile Colors
- Live Wallpaper Support
- Drag and Drop
- 1×1 icons courtesy of Bowsa2511 of XDA Developers

Recent changes:
2.0.3: Added wifi indicator to custom notification bar. And click the bar should open the notification menu.
2.0.2: Fixed issue with startup
2.0.0: New version. If you like the old version, I suggest you don’t update. You can preview the new version via the “lite” app. This is still a work in progress so please me your feedback.

6ae82b62988indqd.jpg Metro UI Pro 2.0.3 CyberAndroid

 Metro UI Pro 2.0.3 CyberAndroid