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Overview: Shrink/resize your photos with just one click before you send it.
Requirements: for all Android versions

Send images to Image Shrink by “share” or “send to” before you send them to target app.

Use case A – Image First

1. Open images with you favorite viewer(e.g. Gallery)
2. Click “share” or “send to”. A dialog pops up.
3. Choose Image Shrink.
4. Choose image size.
5. Choose target application you want to send the shrunken image to.

Use case B – App First

1. Click attach button on an email app
2. Choose Image Shrink.
3. Choose Gallery.
4. Choose image to shrink.
5. Choose target application you want to send the shrunken image to.

This app have following features that other similar apps don’t have.
* keep GPS info.
* keep Exif rotation info.
* automatic shrunken file deletion.
* some hacks to pass shrunken images to MMS on HTC sense.

Lite version is also available. Only full version have following features.
* shrink multiple images
* more size options than Lite version
* auto delete old shrunken images

On force close, it should make log file on SD card like /sdcard/ImageShrink/log.txt.
Please send it to me.

Recent changes:
- reset Exif rotation tag
- add an option “keep file name(Overwrite)”
- add an option “keep date and time” in Exif

6576182056uhnao.jpg Image Shrink 2.1.2 CyberAndroid

 Image Shrink 2.1.2 CyberAndroid

Download Image Shrink v2.1.2 CyberAndroid