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Overview: Sync your todo lists from multiple GMail and Google Apps accounts with one app.
Requirements: Android 2.1+

Organize all your Google Task lists!

Sort tasks by due date, name, custom order, and more.
Repeating tasks move to the next due date.
Set reminders for time-sensitive tasks.

Full version includes:
- Calendar-style date picker
- Collapsible subtasks
- Push tasks to Google & Android Calendar
- Integration with Pure Calendar Widget & Android Agenda Widget
- Full widget customization
- and much more!

What’s in this version:
-Fixed recent sync issues caused by moving tasks between lists outside GTO.
-Fixed various other sync issues.
-Fixed issues with repeating tasks after DST change.
-Fixed issue with combined reminders being duplicated.
-Widget now hides offline lists to match preference setting.

a2ba15fb0dff8non.jpg Google Tasks Organizer 3.1.16 CyberAndroid

 Google Tasks Organizer 3.1.16 CyberAndroid